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That goes without saying. The Good Friend The scenario: The Dorm Floor Inbreeding The scenario: Follow Seventeen on Instagram! Wow, he's the only person who knows about that birthmark on my butt. The Gut Check: The wonderful thing about a woman's hair is that it sheds; it gets everywhere:

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While the hook up is obviously about all involved, try not to focus solely on your partner.

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The 5 Stages of Post-Hookup Feels

Let the connection run its course and have fun while doing it! Also—imagine 10 years down the road, by then it will be a quaint and faded memory; that kind of visualization can also defuse it and turn it into something less 'unseemly' and something that just happened. Now, don't forget to process what just went down. If you think chatting before sex is awkward, than you'll probably find it even more difficult to share your thoughts during. But you might also feel worried about making some kind of "mistake. Today's Top Stories. After that, the next week was very confusing.

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awkward after hook up
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awkward after hook up
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awkward after hook up
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